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Back in my high school days I was the drummer in a band called Breaking News. We played rock and punk, such as covers of The Clash as well as self-made music. We actually managed to get a couple of gigs at some bars in our town. Yes I admit, it’s a tiny town and the bar was not raised high (neither the literal nor the idiomatic one…). Anyways, I haven’t really played much since then. I do love playing, but military, travel and university has been taking up too much time and energy. Now that I’ve come to Japan I’ve finally decided to start playing a little bit again. To get access to a drum set I have joined a band playing club at uni, and today I went to an instrument store and got a pair of brand spanking new drumsticks. More beneath the picture. Funky Sueyoshi Pearl Drumsticks made in JapanThe brands in store were the usual American ones but at least I made sure to get a pair made in Japan. A thousand yen is about half the price I would pay in Norway. As the list freak I am I have compiled a list of about 30 tunes that I want to play to. Bands in the list include Black Diamond Brigade, Bright Eyes, The Clash, Gogol Bordello, Johndoe, Kaizers Orchestra, Steely Dan and Trang Fødsel.

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