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Relaxing on the roof of my dorm
I’m on the roof of my dormitory. Relaxing, napping, taking some pictures, listening to “How to dismantle an atomic bomb” by U2 and Ane Brun. It’s a lazy and fresh sunday afternoon in the suburbs of Sapporo. I deserve it. My study routines are settling in. I’m studying hard, but I also do other things, like sleeping on the roof. Studying language academically can often give good skills in certain fields of a language and the academic fields in particular. That’s why it is so nice to actually live in a country where people speak the language you are studying.dorm roof 2 You get to experience the language in daily use and you actually notice how insufficient academic language can be in real life. I have a nice class and a nice teacher, or sensei as they call it in Japanese. I try to do some studying outside of the regular school work. Especially kanji (漢字) takes special attention. They are the symbols you need to know about 2,000 of to understand everything in the morning newspaper. My goal is to one day be able to read Japanese novells. If I work really hard I might be able to read the really easy ones by the end of this year, I hope.dorm roof 3

Hello guys, as usual the activity on this blog is up an down. I’ve been quite busy the past six weeks. The month in Thailand was great. I’m very satisfied with the internship and meeting family and friends was gold. Now I’m in Sapporo where I will be spending most of my next ten months as an exchange student of Japanese language. I’m putting my other major (political science) on the shelf untill I come back to Bergen in the fall of 2010. Now it’s all about Japanese. I’ve moved in at a dormitory and the first class is tomorrow. Japan is really nice. I look forward to experiencing the study, the food and the nature. I will close this post sharing with you a small joy from the everyday life in Japan. enjoys it.

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