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My home town, in HD from a remote controlled mini-plane (via Brunsvika). The view of the town is absolutely magnificent at about 2:00. It’s amazing what you can do with a flying machine and a mini camera these days, and I think we can expect to see even more mind blowing stuff as the equipment and pilots become even better. For a more action packed flying video check out what these guys are doing with their tricopter (via Radioresepsjonen)

This summer I’ve been playing drums again, and it has been great. It has been about 6 years since I played actively in a high school band that I have mentioned before, Breaking News (…). We played mostly punk including covers of classics like Louie Louie and Brand New Cadillac plus some self made songs. We actually did a couple of gigs in town and the peak, or maybe anticlimax of my career with the band was at NoName Bar in Kristiansund. According to the guitarist, Øivind Røe, the bar owner said we were pretty decent. I can’t remember hearing anything about that. We then dissolved as high school ended and people spread out to military, civil service and university.

Now 6 years later and home on my summer break, I got together with my old guitar comrade and my Finnish friend Krister Sandvik to play some music. Krister started playing the guitar about the time I stopped playing drums and has become quite a decent metal guitarist. I’m kind of the jazz type, but what do you get when you mix a jazz junkie, a metal head and a redneck punk? Maybe something like this: A sort of a post rock theme that we only played a couple of times before we tried to record it. Be warned, it’s pretty psychedelic, and a little rusty.

The movie is an outtake of another high school project I had a part in. The director, who later went to study movie making also happens to be the suit that recorded our, what to call it, Post Rock Jam Session. Thanks Jan Helge Skjerven! The name of our new band is Grew Up In Curtains and the next jam session is scheduled for Christmas break.

By Josh and me. Filmed during my year in Thailand back in 06/07 🙂 Throw away some minutes here at this site of world wide waste and watch this documentary.

See how this guy taught up crows to pay coins on a vending machine and get nuts. Now I WANT a crow in my garden.

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From Aardman, the maker of Wallace & Grommit comes this:

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