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Aleppo was our first real stop on our two week trip to Syria. Aleppo is among the cities that have had the longest continuous habitation in the world. Among the main attractions is the Aleppo Citadel, considered to be among the oldest and largest castles in the world. The citadel heights gave a perfect view of the city. There were yellow flowers everywhere in the open caste grounds and art students were sitting around practicing their skills on the old, part ruin motifs.

Another great attraction, a minibus ride out of town is the ruins of the church of Saint Simeon (born in 390), an eccentric Christian ascetic saint who is famous for living for many years on a small tall platform to avoid the people who visited him for teachings… Nowadays the grounds where he used to live is a popular retreat for the locals to come and relax, play and look at the ruins and soothing natural surroundings. Among the stranger experiences of the visit was the meeting with a girl school class. It seemed like they were not too used to meeting westerners (although we did see some other western tourists there among the locals) and they were eager to get photos together with us. For a while I felt like a tourist attraction myself. My two friends and I left there satisfied with the view and puzzled by the straightforwardness shown by the Syrian girls, some of them covered in black, and the rest with their hair covered. We hadn’t expected that and we didn’t really see it again in Syria. In this country, men and women live pretty separate lives. I could tell so much more about how different groups of friendly Syrians invited us for a chat, food, dance, water pipe and relaxation, but although this were great experiences this post is already getting too long and even reading this far should qualify you for a treat.

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