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Bangkok, about a week ago. I had passed these bridges almost every day for two weeks and wanted to take pictures of the people fishing from Krungthep bridge. There were only a little handfull of fishermen there that night though, and I walked across to a small park on the Bangkok side where I found some really nice scenes.

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When I set out on a half day trip to Meekknoken (751 m.s.l) last weekend, I had my mind set on documenting the colors that you normally don’t notice when walking in the mountains on the mid-west coast of Norway. The stunning landscape and combinations of blue skies and water, gray mountains and the green vegetation is enough to keep your mind distracted and eyes zoomed out for days. The most common reason for looking down is when you’re so tired from walking uphill that you have to focus all your energy on walking, and even then you don’t really look. But there is another good reason for looking down, that might even provide an energizing motivation to keep walking; If you start paying attention to the green and gray ground, as you trek along, you will be rewarded by small color explosions that happen right at your feet. Take a look!

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I took this picture with my cellphone earlier in April. Nice concert indeed it was, and after treating the original picture with Photoshop for Android it turned out quite nice. I like how the concave line of the solid mountain ceiling helps draw a shape reminiscent of an Egyptian eye. The concert venue is a former bomb shelter cave beneath Nygårdshøyden, the hill where the University of Bergen has spread out most of its campus.

This blog is in hibernation. Part of the reason is I don’t have time to take a lot of pictures these days. Until it wakes up, you can check my twitter which is frequently updated:!/DavidYSee

My home town, in HD from a remote controlled mini-plane (via Brunsvika). The view of the town is absolutely magnificent at about 2:00. It’s amazing what you can do with a flying machine and a mini camera these days, and I think we can expect to see even more mind blowing stuff as the equipment and pilots become even better. For a more action packed flying video check out what these guys are doing with their tricopter (via Radioresepsjonen)

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