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When I set out on a half day trip to Meekknoken (751 m.s.l) last weekend, I had my mind set on documenting the colors that you normally don’t notice when walking in the mountains on the mid-west coast of Norway. The stunning landscape and combinations of blue skies and water, gray mountains and the green vegetation is enough to keep your mind distracted and eyes zoomed out for days. The most common reason for looking down is when you’re so tired from walking uphill that you have to focus all your energy on walking, and even then you don’t really look. But there is another good reason for looking down, that might even provide an energizing motivation to keep walking; If you start paying attention to the green and gray ground, as you trek along, you will be rewarded by small color explosions that happen right at your feet. Take a look!

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  1. Your photo very cool !!!!!!

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